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The team of EasyGo to USA is among the first consultation services in the world, which provides first-hand information about U.S College recruiting. Our team evaulates your academic and athletic ability to play college sports in the U.S. We also give you the ability to get in touch directly with thousands of college coaches!

If you are a high school student who want to study and play college sports at a U.S university, then you are in the right place!

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Register in 30 seconds. After registration, you can start the application for a U.S sport scholarship right away!


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Your online profile will become your academic and athletic resume. This gives you the ability to gather sport scholarship offers from U.S universities.

Upload sport specific information, statistics, pictures, and professionally edited video to your profile in order to be seen by 1000s of college coaches








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After verification of your athletic and academic information of your online profile, you can switch to have CloseToGo and EasyGo profile.

You can apply for sport scholarships by one click, post your questions on our forum, follow the latest college news, exam dates, read reviews of athletes who already graduated from U.S colleges, and request a personal mentor who can help guide you through the recruiting process from start to finish! 


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for a scholarship by contacting college coaches directly. You will find information and contact details of more than 2000 universities in our database!


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