Core values


Do not be confused by the philosophy and the name of our company! For us, the word E.A.S.Y (in Hungarian easy, light) creates new meaning to our athletes who apply for our program. Talent, hard work, conscientiousness, and thorough preparation is as an important factor in the fight for winning a USA scholarship as is the preparation in your own branch of sport. We select the kind of talented young athletes for our program who have the sporting spirit that can make them winners on and off the playing field. In light of this, all must accept and make every effort to follow the 4 basic pillars of our company:

Enthusiasm, it means eager and inspired. Our company focuses our efforts on athletes who are determined in the course of the application and full of ambitions, so, they can fulfill the duties ahead.

Attainable, it means achievable. Our athletes are realists, they know their abilities under any circumstances. It is our goal to assist them by exploring their abilities and talents by placing you in the best possible places. There is no need to cherish unachievable dreams but one must not miss any possibility for success within their lives.

Social, it means collective. Our applicants try to find the situation that is the most suitable for them through the following social idea. Active communication only leads to success; the establishment of new connections and friendly openness towards others are a must for our applicants.

It means you. During the application process, you are the most important point! Our athletes believe in themselves, are enthusiastic about the application, and set realistic goals for themselves. The decision and the final determination only depend on one person: YOU!




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