Who we are?


EasyGo to USA LLC. is a recruiting and consultation service for international student-athletes and their families who wish to go to the United States with a sports, academic and need-based scholarship. In addition, we are providing valuable information and support for U.S coaches who want to find and recruit top European high school athletes to their academic program.



Why was our company established?



We have recently noticed that because of the difficult circumstances at home our students continue their careers abroad with the hope of a better future. Unfortunately, in many cases they make their decisions without thinking about all the details and oftentimes lacking required information that is vital to their success. Therefore, our company was founded in 2012 to support, order, and make the application for admission to the universities in the United States easier. Our purpose is to support the communication and the significant flow of information between the athletes from different cultures and the U.S university coaches.



Our People


Balázs Molnár
CEO and Founder

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Krisztina Tóth
Chief Executive Assistant

Nathan Payne
Scout Manager USA



Staff members:

Szín Róbert: Video editor


International team (Deutsch, Magyar, Español, Türkçe, Italiano, Hrvatski, Polski):



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