Why EasyGo?


EasyGo is working with their own independent system and model that will provide valuable, special, and incomparable services in the world of mediation of the USA sport scholarships because of the following reasons. You can collect first-hand information, advice, and professional preparations from experts who have the most experience in the application and the deepest knowledge about the relating rules and regulations. You can browse the website in Hungarian and English and find useful pieces of information that explain application process in detail. In our current news we report university results of the Hungarian and foreign athletes, this way you can follow the success of your fellow student athletes.


3 Pillars of EasyGo Model




We have access to University coaches who judge the scholarship and will be your mentors during your four years academic studies.








Athletes, from your culture and country, who have already gone through the application process and experienced about which you dream and desire: to study and play sports in the United States!








Skilled organization, experienced colleagues who assist you in the communication between the coaches and the prospective student-athletes, who give answers to your questions and know the needs both of the coaches and the student-athletes: They are the colleagues of EasyGo!







This is the kind of technical background in the 21st century that brings the already mentioned three most important advantages of our program together.

With the assistance of our social surface, you can actively apply for admission to more than 2,000 universities and colleges in the United States. You will be able to contact the coaches directly, share your opinions and experiences with your fellow athletes. Though this whole process you can use our assistance interactively or personally.


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