Being student-athletes: 3 advantages to highlight

Being student-athletes: 3 advantages to highlightPracticing sport to college can change your life

 We have seen that the benefits of being a student athlete are many. Now, however, we focus on three important aspects, which is good to point out.


The experience of former student athletes helps us to better understand how life unfolds and the everyday life of this condition and school sports.


The opinions of former athletes, in general, they are unanimous. First, it highlights the positive impact on the formation of character and discipline on the habit, in addition to the relations of friendship woven with teammates and coaches.


Usually, in fact, the three benefits witnessed by former athletes start right with the relationships that are built.


When attending college as a student-athlete becomes part of a team. This allows you to get in contact with people who share our passion for sports, which is an excellent prerequisite for the creation of new friendships. To develop strong and lasting relationships, in fact, there is no better way than to be part of a team and work together for a common goal. These relationships that arise in a team can last a lifetime, making only the college experience, with a positive impact on even after the academic and athletic career.


The second fundamental benefit to be highlighted is the health.


The career of an athlete "forced" to be healthier. The athletic and well-being also affects the professional career and the conduct of daily life. With the sport and discipline health becomes - or should be - a rule of life that remains forever.


The third advantage on which to linger regards the world of work.


Being a former athletes enriches their curriculum and companies know that the discipline learned in sports translates into dedication and quality at work. Former athletes in general are characterized by time-management skills, competitive mentality, leadership skills, team spirit, and ability to communicate effectively in a team.


Employers look for student-athletes. Recently the NCSA Athletic Recruiting conducted a survey on a sample of CEOs: the 100 percent oh this, with the same training, would be more likely to take on a student-athlete than a student athlete. Moreover, it was found that 60 percent of these employers would be ready to take on a preferential a student-athlete. also with an average rating of less than a student athlete.

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