First step. How to email with the coaches

First step. How to email with the coachesAs you know coaches receive thousands of mails from recruits. Almost all of them are similar. If you want to make a good first impression and be noticed by a coach, you have to stand out.

First of all, the subject of your mail has to make coach open it. Therefore you should include your position, year of graduation, your name etc.

Your email address should sounds professionally. Instead of using email address with your nick name, create an email address that includes your name and surname, for example:

Email is just an introduction, so should include just the most important information about your sport and academic achievements.

Show that you are really interested in their program by writing personal message that shows that you made

proper research before. Only personalized email could lead you into successful recruitment
Below you can find the most common mistakes made by prospective athletes in sending emails to college coach- try to avoid them!

“I’m looking for scholarship opportunity”

Never ask about scholarship in your first mail. For coach, it looks like you are primarily interested in the money rather than in his team. First, you have to demonstrate your abilities, determination and willingness to be a member of the team. Every athlete’s goal is to get a sport scholarship but it shouldn’t be talked about in the first message.

“I’m interested in your great school” or “I think I could be a good member of your team”

Even if you think it sounds great, never use those clichés. For coaches it looks like a phrase that you sent to hundreds of other coaches before. Therefore, in your email you should prove that you are familiar with the school, its program and the team. Thanks to this coach will notice that you put some effort to contact him and it was not a random selection.


“I am a hard worker and love the sport”

Describe yourself and your abilities in clear and specific way. Don’t make it difficult for a couch to evaluate you by being vague. If you are basketball player you have to inform how tall are you, in you are track and field athlete don’t forget to put your best times etc. The more details you provide, the higher chances that you get a feedback.


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