GUARANTEED SCHOLARSHIPS ARE ON THE WAYAmerican universities attract attention of many top high-school-athletes all around the world thanks to athletic scholarships awarded in numerous sports programs.

The promising opportunity to develop as both a student and an athlete within the well-designated American college sports system is one of the greatest advantages being a scholarship-athlete offers. However, the scholarship status has been the worrying part of the story, since, usually, athletes are offered annual contracts to be renewed at the beginning of each academic year. Although it is uncommon that athletes lose scholarship unless they act against the contract rules they are bound by, it is not difficult to imagine the stressful situation they have to go through by not being sure whether they would be offered a renewal.

Luckily, we have good news! After the announcement by South Carolina University in late September, indicating that guaranteed four-year scholarships will be made available for men’s American football and basketball, last week the Big Ten joined the team. Besides offfering athletic scholarship covering the entire enrollment period, the league also made it clear that students who discontinued their studies for a legitimate reason will be welcome if they decide to return to school.

If NCAA allows these schools, these schools will be permitted to offer four-year athletic scholarships to their athletes starting from January 2015. Even though the extent seems limited to team sports at this initial phase, in the foreseeable future many more universities in various sport programs are likely to enhance the conditions of and opportunities for students athletes.

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