How Soccer is growing in American sports

How Soccer is growing in American sportsIn the US the interest about soccer is growing. Are the other sports declining?

According to a recent survey, 50 percent of Americans today would not want to see his son play football, while only 17 percent think that the popularity of the sport will continue to grow over the next twenty years.


This disaffection is probably due to the recent publication of articles about the damage caused by play contrasts in football, especially with regard to concussions and long-term damage to the brain. In addition to this, have given their opinions about the misdeeds and bad behavior of some famous players, involved in cases of violence and drugs. This often forgetting the social benefits that this sport has brought over the years.


If football would be living a moment of relative crisis, soccer is growing, both as national sports movement and as in the university practice. The good results of the national American team led by Jürgen Klinsmann at the World Cup are certainly helping this process. The US team has registered record audiences for the matches in Brazil, all over twenty million viewers, with a media coverage even higher than that of the NBA Finals. It is a real success, considering the love that binds Americans to basketball.


In rising are also the followers, the practitioners and especially young people who prefer soccer to sports with more tradition in America, such as hockey, baseball, and football. To say it is the data recorded by ESPN and Avid, which show a growing interest from the boys. Between 12 and 17 years of age the passion for soccer has now reached the one for baseball.


It is a true mediatic sports success, which is not accidental. The Major League Soccer, founded only in 1996, attracts players not yet "fired" by the European leagues, like Kaka, Lampard, Di Vaio and Villa, the lasts in a long line in a league that grows level from year to year. Indeed the United States team led by Klinsmann had seven elements that play in the American League.


In short, the States really start to believe it. The next World Cup will be held in Russia, a historic sports and geo-political rival, and for sure the US national team will keep us to do well.

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