Is athletic scholarship all about money?

Is athletic scholarship all about money?Read more to find out what extra benefits an athletic scholarship offers

Being a scholarship athlete in U.S. universities lifts off a heavy weight of students’ shoulders for sure. The financial support in regards to tuition, accommodation, board, textbooks is a significant All these may add up to 100.000 USD per year. Yet the benefits of being a scholarship athlete are not limited to finance. Let’s have a look at what else the athletes benefit from:



Two-pronged path:


As the name suggests, a student-athlete in U.S. universities usually improves himself/herself both as an athlete and as a student and have a future career path in both his sports and his major. None of those two is meant be overlooked at the expense of the other. Since the institution where the student-athletes both train and study is the same, overlapping training and class schedules are not common and students are shown tolerance.  They have access to study counsellors and enjoy the privilege during course registrations. which lets them choose any courses they want.



Social environment:


Unlike regular students, student-athletes directly enter into a family-alike setting, which consists of their teammates. They do not usually pass through the sometimes-challenging friend-making process, as the team has well-established ties among its members and ready to welcome the newcomers in no time.



Lively lifestyle:


Student-athletes do not really have time to get bored. It’s a fact that they have to study and train hard. But that doesn’t mean there is nothing to reap the benefits of. They meet a lot more people than their non-athletic counterparts through various clubs and they take trips to attend competitions, thus, having the chance to see and know new places.



After graduation:


It’s not uncommon that employers take a fancy to candidates who are alumnis of the same college they studied at. There are even cases when a fresh greduate scholarship-athlete gets the job because the hiring manager is a fan of the football team of his college. Besides the high-quality education athletes get at college, the connections they make within the college community generally help them hold a strong position in the job market after they graduate an makes it easier for them to get a decent job. As they say, who you know is as important as what you know.

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