Sports, recruiting and social media

Sports, recruiting and social mediaThe teams are keeping an eye on what is published by athletes

Recently the media have spoken about businesses that follow on social networks their employees and who is a candidate for a job. Even in the sports world starts to happen something similar.


First, it is obvious that you should always be careful what you post, what you say, and of those who have as"friends". Several coaches of NCSA, for example, instruct the staff to follow the social communication writed by the recruits on all platforms. Even in the world of sports and recruiting, then, social media are certainly not ignored or taken lightly.

The Northwestern University is among the institutions that stand in monitoring web of recruits, and now their method is discussed and used as an example. Jim Phillips, the current athletic director, agreed with the coach Beckman about the control of the athletes on social media.

Continuing the debate, an article published in the Chicago Tribune has added a new perspective on the use of social media in recruitment plans.

After failing to reach the finals in the league this year, recruiting efforts of Northwestern have focused on the next regular season, trying to engage players ready for their school based on the values and what it represents.

Even in the world of professional high level sports the theme of communication management is debated.

The Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger said that the players "have to be responsible enough to control what they say" when they publish material on social media. "We can only warn them of the potential dangers, but you can not control a player 24 hours per day," said the coach.

Wenger's words follows an episode that saw as protagonist Liverpool's forward Mario Balotelli, who apologized after publishing a post that seemed to contain anti-Semitic and racist references .

The topic stays hot and new episodes with famous athletesas central characters are not few. Surely, therefore, it will come back to talk about it.

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