Studying in the US

Studying in the USHow the American college system is structured

 The American school system offers many opportunities for foreign students. US universities, however, are structured differently than in Europe. It may be helpful to remember these features to better understand the options available and how to enroll.


First, we can mention the fundamental programs of American universities. A program of study short-term consists of a period less than one year of study at a university, or a high school. In addition, many universities offer summer courses of English always well attended by European students. An undergraduate program consists rather in a period of four years at a college where you can choose a degree course to graduate in a specific subject. At the graduate level you get just after graduating college, and this level is divided into two categories: master's and doctorate. A master's program typically lasts one to two years and is a deepening of the study undergraduate, which includes courses, research, and usually a final thesis. The doctorate program, however, is similar to a doctorate in Europe. This is the highest academic degree, lasts 3/5 years years, and is aimed to teach to conduct a very thorough search of a discipline.


In the US universities are thousands, and with such a variety is important to be able to make a choice, taking into account what you want to study, the geographical location, the type of accommodation and of course the line request.


Unlike the majority of European universities, usually American universities are part of a campus, which is the heart of student life American, where are located either all school buildings and dorms.

Admission to undergraduate and graduate studies in the United States goes through a selection that requires a complex procedure, which begins about a year before. For short-term courses, the process is much easier and faster. Approximately, you choose the university for undergraduate or graduate studies about a year and a half earlier, to have the time to pass the test for admission and to request the application form. Then you send the application to the university about nine months before the start of the academic year.


To follow a course of study in the US is almost always necessary to support the TOEFL (Test of The Inglese as a Foreign Language), the test of English language proficiency required of all students. For the undergraduate level, it is usually necessary or recommended the SAT (Student Aptitude Test), a standardized test required for admission to all students who make the request. To enroll in a graduate course is almost always required the GRE (Graduate Record Examination). The requirements to apply for admission vary from university to university, so you should check those required by each college.


The cost of studying in the United States are significant, and many students require financial assistance aid in the form of loans and grants. There are specific scholarships also for those coming from abroad. To study in the United States requires a student visa. Before you ask the question, you have to be accepted in a program of study and receive the document SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System), thanks to which you can apply for a student visa at the US embassy or consulate. You should ask the question a few months before the start of the academic year, to be sure to allow enough time for the procedure. As you can see, the procedure is complicated and the effort required is a lot, but this is an important opportunity that can really change your life.

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